Organ - Different Channels per staff?

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Re: Organ - Different Channels per staff?

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I was talking about academic job titles, not necessarily about course content. In the UK "professor", only applies to the highest ranked members of a university. In the US it is more like the French professeur - anybody at any level who teaches.

Some UK universities have adopted the US meaning, but even so only about 10% of academics in the UK have "professor" in their job titles.

At the "old" UK universities the proportion is much less. For example at Cambridge only about 200 of the 8,000 academic staff have the formal title of professor.

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Re: Organ - Different Channels per staff?

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Here in the US, those are referred to as "Full Professor". Lesser titles are Associate Professor, Adjunct Professor, Lecturer, etc.

On a more musical note, the pianists in old time American brothels were traditionally referred to as "Professor", often pronounced as "Perfesser".


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