Why is elements upgrade more expensive than?

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Why is elements upgrade more expensive than?

Post by johnken »

I have elements 7, upgraded from le7. Elements 9.5 update from elements 7 is £40, but upgrade from le7 is only £24. If I never upgraded before it would be cheaper now. Is there a reason for this? Seems very unfair.

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Re: Why is elements upgrade more expensive than?

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Mmh, that does look strange. Maybe it's a time limited offer to upgrade from LE to Elements. I see here EUR 17,50 going from LE7 to Elements 10 and EUR 34,99 from Elements 7 to 10. If you really mean 9.5 you must be looking at a shop that still offers this, Steinberg only has updates/grades to the current versions.

EDIT: I see it indeed is an offer: 50% off on Upgrades (also from Elements to Pro, BTW!)
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