WL10 - extra markers in montage

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WL10 - extra markers in montage

Post by taylor12k »

noticing something different here.... when i make a montage and go to the CD wizard to create my track ID/markers i always use SPLICE markers.

in WL9 i would simply get a splice marker between the songs. (see screenshot)

in WL10, with the same settings, i not only get a splice marker but also triangular markers at the ends of each clip. (see screenshot)

what has changed? is this a concern? a bug? everything has worked great with clients and files for the past years with WL9 the way i've had it so i feel uneasy when i see new things pop up without explanation.

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Re: WL10 - extra markers in montage

Post by PG »

This is a bug. Solution: apply the CD wizard again, with the same settings.

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