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WaveLab 10 - now available!

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Dear forum-members,

I’m happy to announce the availability of WaveLab 10, the major release of the world’s most popular mastering and audio refinement platform.
Our team has been working to capacity to make this version a true milestone release. WaveLab 10 comes with the broadest range of new features and improvements, among them major enhancements, that have ever been released in it's product history:

Reference track A/B
Allows you to add a reference audio file and switch playback between the reference track and the montage tracks

Video support
Video file playback in the Audio Montage, allowing you to arrange, edit and process the audio of a video

Extended external effects support
Using a combination of outputs (sends) and inputs (returns) on your audio hardware, you can use external effects
in the Audio Montage as Clip, Track and Output effects.

External Editor support
You can now integrate other audio editors (like SpectraLayers or iZotope RX) into your WaveLab workflow!

Undo/Redo history for Audio Editor
Available in the Audio Montage and — for the first time — the Audio Editor workspaces, both have their own independent undo/redo log.

Montage Inspector
The handling of plug-ins and corresponding functionality — like channel processing, signal routing, loading effect etc.
is now streamlined and consistent between the Master Section and the new Montage Inspector.

Audio Montage track list overhaul
The different track types (Audio, Reference and Video) have a new track header design with dedicated controls for each track type.

Live Input Stream recording
WaveLab 10 allows you to record and render live input streams through the Master Section and the inserted plug-in chain.

Audio Montage Inline Editing
Let's you open a clip range in the Waveform or Spectrum Editor and edit it non-destructively.

Enhanced Preview in File Browser
The File Browser window and the Audio Files File Browser now allow you to jump to a specific play position inside a preview file.

New audio settings and routing options
WaveLab 10 comprises an enhanced audio I/O routing system.

Performance monitor
WaveLab 10 comes with a new performance monitoring meter showing the average audio processing load of your WaveLab session.

New plug-ins
Frequency EQ, REVelation Reverb and Magneto 2 have been added to the WaveLab plug-in feature set.

Multitrack Recording
Let's you record multiple track at once in the Audio Montage.

Marker support
Now available for imports from XML file.

Master Section enhancements
Increased amount of effects and playback processing slots.

Rendering enhancements
Real-time rendering with audition.

More improvements
Improved third-party VST plug-in support, improved playback performance, Marker List and CD List follow playback indicator

More information on WaveLab 10, pricing and availability: WaveLab 10

See the official WaveLab 10 Teaser, featuring the most important new functions: WaveLab 10 Official Teaser

Tutorials on WaveLab 10 can be found here: WaveLab 10 Tutorials

Thanks for choosing WaveLab!
Timo Wildenhain - Head of Business Unit
Professional Audio Unit
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Hamburg, Germany
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