Automatic Folder Track Routing

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Automatic Folder Track Routing

Post by Sunshy »

I know this has been discussed before here for example:


But I think it would be a great feature. Maybe have a setting where all tracks in a folder are to be routed by default. That way, any track that is created in that folder, or dragged into that folder would be automatically changed to whatever routing the folder track is set to. Of course, you could change the routing once inside the folder if so desired.
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Re: Automatic Folder Track Routing

Post by ChrisPolus »

+1 for sure

I think I somewhere also requested this feature and said on multiple occasions, that this would be nice. Logic has a very effective and great implementation of this. I would love to see something like that in Nuendo so folders are not only adding one track more to the project but also have a function. Otherwise if you want to mix those folders you always need a second group track, which doesn't help with keeping things tidy.
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