Another demo- Over&Over&Overture

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Cookie Jarvis
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Another demo- Over&Over&Overture

Post by Cookie Jarvis »

Started this one today....needs guitar, then I'll move on to the next part- a solo piano piece :) ... redemo-wip

Thanks for listeniing,

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Re: Another demo- Over&Over&Overture

Post by swetch »

Kind of reminded me of something from a Tony Banks solo album from the late 70's. Not a bad thing, to my prog rock loving sensibilities.I'd maybe suggest that you boost the drums a bit and try to have a bit more space between the key patches. That being said, if you're happy with this, that's great. Have fun!

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Re: Another demo- Over&Over&Overture

Post by Freya009 »

I found your style very intriguing and beautiful.


Keep it up.
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