Van Bor

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Van Bor

Post by Ivan1981 »

Hi all,
I had to miss this thread, didn´t know that something like this is here... Nice.

If you like, check my tracks (EP) from last year, done in Cubase 9/10, here:


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Re: Van Bor

Post by swetch »

Nice production and composition. Have you checked out anything in this forum by Stephco? You may like to hear what he does, as it's in a similar vein to your material. I checked out a few more of the things from your ep on bandcamp, and I generally liked it too, although on the track with the soulful vocal over an electronic bed, that's not my cup of tea. Overall, I like what you've done on this track and the others.

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Re: Van Bor

Post by Freya009 »

Wonderful composition. Your style is very similar to one of the forum members over here.

Maybe both of you could exchange thoughts on each others’ works.
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