To the developers of Sequel 3...

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To the developers of Sequel 3...

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Just wanted to chime in and remind you all that Sequel 3 is still the best designed DAW with the most fluid workflow and the best designed UI of anything on the market.
The primary reason people are not using it (and that you are likely not selling many licenses) is that you have written failure into the product from the start. The "VST 3 only thing" being the largest of your mistakes. It has been years and while a handful of effect developers have built VST 3 into there products, virtually NONE of the VST instrument developers have even bothered, Im sorry to tell you but the market is just not following, it is time you opened this up to the tools and instruments people want and need to use to create. A perfect analogy is You have created the best possible paintbrush an painter could want, but made it so that you can't use it with paint!
It simply does not make sense.
Also, Im not sure if any of you have tested Sequel 3 out on a touch enabled system but with the exception of about five or six controls/buttons Sequel works amazingly well with touch. Better than everything else on the market already. Even the software designed with touch interaction in mind does not work as well. A very small amount of work on this would give you yet another huge advantage in the marketplace.
I will end here by repeating something I posted her in the past, If Steinberg is in the business of making great software, you really need to look again at Sequel and not abandon it. If Steinberg is in the buisness of selling software, you really need to look again at what you have in Sequel 3. Remove the failures you have built into it and people will flock to it.

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