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Sequel 3

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Due to several sever thunderstorms in my area the video card in my iMac Desktop computer was fried . The surge protector failed .

I contacted my local Apple dealer where i had originally purchased the computer and they advised that they no longer have a video card for that model . Also, if they did find one the cost of purchasing that card/removing/installing would be greater than the price of a new computer .

Accordingly, I purchased an i3 iMac 4K with Retina display with the installed Mac OS Majove currently updated to 10.14.6 .

With the help of Steinberg's Sound Support team I was able to install/run Sequel 3 .

However all i have available to work on are the " demo " versions that do not allow you to save any changes .

I tried to create my own Sequel 3 projects but got hopelessly lost .

Is there a download of a few sample Sequel 3 projects that would allow me to change them and then save them ?

Or perhaps there is some way that the " demo " file can be changed and then saved as a working project ?

Thanks for your time and patience in reading this message and your reply .

Please help me .

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