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Alternate Method To Allow StandAlone Sound Source Usage

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2018 5:43 pm
by weehaggis
I have downloaded Ample Sound Lite and it work fine as a standalone.
My DAW (Steinberg -Sequel3) only accepts VST3 (which Ample Sound is not).
Trying to figure out a work around.
I did an experiment and had partial success by hooking up a wire from my Macbook Pro Line Out ,running it through my 6 Channel mixer which then goes through the Steinberg Audio Interface which then connects to the Macbook via USB.
When I open up my Sequel3, I can hear and record the sounds coming from the Ample Sound standalone.
The only problem is I have this noticeable buzzing noise in the background which I can't get rid of.
Any ideas ? (rough drawing of my hook up attached)