The World as ADSR Envelopes

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The World as ADSR Envelopes

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This was interesting and I thought I'd share it here.

I've been working with synths, MIDI, basic audio for years, but not until Cubase Pro 8 did I put real time in learning to program synths. Naturally, this involves detailed work with ADSR envelopes.

Today, something clicked. I was out walking, suddenly :idea: , the whole sound-world became sets of ADSR envelopes. It made me stop in my tracks. I spent several minutes observing the sounds around me in terms of their natural envelopes.

I've had this kind of perception with pitch and time as long as I can remember, I call it the "symphony of the city," and every location has its "music." But this was specifically ADSR envelopes all around and the resulting wave forms. I'd hear a sound-source and immediately envision the approximate position of ADSR sliders for it -- with more sliders if the sound needed them.

Good thing, too, I found it easy to disregard this and not see "sliders" or wave forms for every bird chip, passing car, or whatever.

I yet have much to learn, but I arrived at some new plateau with this. It made me smile. :-)

Have you ever seen ambient sounds around you that way? I expect many have.

Working with Cubase these past years (Ver Pro 8 to my current Pro 10) has literally changed how I perceive the world around me. The posts here helped me get to this interesting point, so a collective thanks to everyone on the forums.

ADSRingly yours,

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