Crossgrade issue

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Crossgrade issue

Post by vitale447 »

This may not be the proper setting to ask these types of questions, but if there is anyone from Steinberg that can tell me what's going on I would be grateful.

I went through the crossgrade verification process and received an approval email, so I clicked on the link provided in the email and got through the purchasing portion. When I clicked the pay now button I was sent to the crossgrade verification process page again. So what is going on? Am I approved? Did my payment get processed? Why did I have to put in the crossgrade information in gain? This is frustrating. I’m trying to give you my money and get the product so why all the road blocks?

Again, any Steinberg reps, can you tell me what the heck is going on?


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Re: Crossgrade issue

Post by Daniel at Steinberg »

Please see here.

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Re: Crossgrade issue

Post by shanabit »

Thank Dan for helping 8-)

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