Releasing Music Independently

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Releasing Music Independently

Post by itsyaboylofti »

Hello hello,

Been searching around for stuff on how to release music independently and properly, so thought I'd share what I found and also ask you guys for help.

How do you release your music and get plays? It's something I find hard ... pendently/

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Re: Releasing Music Independently

Post by ColinPark »

Thanks for the link. It looked like a blank page until I scrolled down.
Sorry that I have no useful advice at this time. I have no experience at all with this.

I guess the landscape is constantly changing. I probe it from time to time. I'm not going to release anything any time soon, but when I do it will likely be a short and intense effort. Marketing seems like it could easily be a full time job, and I need to concentrate on making the best music I can. I read an article one that said that quality is still an important factor in gaining popularity. I'm hoping that will compensate for weak marketing. (Steve Martin: "Be so good they can't ignore you." Easier said than done.)
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Re: Releasing Music Independently

Post by keto88 »

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Re: Releasing Music Independently

Post by shanabit »

You should make sure whoever you go with is doing the SoundScan thing , if not you need to do that to get your streaming dough

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Re: Releasing Music Independently

Post by That70srocker »

I've just release my first batch of songs (recorded 2008 - 2012 with a band I was in back then) on distrokid.
I have some more written that I want to record and release this year.
And I have some more old stuff that I'm touching up and also want to release soon.

As for how to get plays, that's a good question. I'm not some artist whose name is a household word. I have had my work up on soundcloud since around 2010 and have been trying to get the word out that way. But almost everyone on soundcloud is other artists. They will listen to my work if I listen to theirs, and are very supportive, but it's not really building a fan base.
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