Freeze track out of sync - maybe Bug

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Freeze track out of sync - maybe Bug

Post by jdieks »

So I'm working on this project that I started in 6.06. (I'm on 6.07 now) When I try to freeze an audio channel, because I use loads and loads of plugins on this project, the freezed track is out of sync. It seems that the more plugins are on the track the more it's out of sync, so it looks like a latency compensation issue.

Anyone else experience this problem?
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Re: Freeze track out of sync - maybe Bug

Post by neilwilkes »

Are any particular plugins or manufacturers involved here?
Are we talking 64 or 32-bit plugins?
Can you please post system details, plugins used etc - the more info the merrier.
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Re: Freeze track out of sync - maybe Bug

Post by Funk Master »

Having the same problem since Cubase 8. I am on Cubase 9.5.1 now. Happens randomly.
If the problem occurs for a specific track in a project one time it stays.
Big Problem. Even creating a new track and copy the track settings do not help.
Wondering if there aren't more people having this problem. I gave up hope that Steinberg will solve this,
but at the moment I am stuck with a Mix for a client and having this problem on 4 tracks. I can not go on working.
This problem occurs with all combination of plugins. There seems not to be a specific reason. Even the latency is much more than the plugins on the track would add. The tracks are just completely out of sync for more than one bar.
I guess this problem only occurs if you have a Bus where all tracks some kind get routed too. A Mix Bus where all tracks get summed.
Then this one Bus is sent to the Stereo Out of Cubase. I always work this way for years and since I do so this problem occurs randomly.
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