Should I buy Cubase IC Pro?

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Should I buy Cubase IC Pro?

Post by Falcore123 »

Hello! I've been curious about this app for awhile, but before I pay money I want to get your opinions on it. Reading this forum makes me a little nervous because it seems Steinberg doesn't give much support for this app. Is it true there is still no Bars and Beats view? And no snap function? I hope that has been addressed in a recent update.

Any other reasons to stay away? I'd hate to lay down money for this and then Steinberg drops the app.

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Re: Should I buy Cubase IC Pro?

Post by mkok »

I don’t use the features you mention. I only use it as transport. So there hasn’t been an update for a long time. Before that it didn’t work for around a month due to an iOS update. I would say the support for the app is not great but it does work at present
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Re: Should I buy Cubase IC Pro?

Post by Leonard_A »

I’m in the same boat. Not sure to buy it or not.
So far I have been using Avid|Control to use with Cubase and it is ok. But to have a dedicated app fully working with Cubase would be mint.

I may hold my horse on that for now. Hopefully Steinberg give us more update and features.
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