Running multiple iC pros?

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Running multiple iC pros?

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Is it possible to connect more than one iPad running iC pro at a time?
I would like to use two sets of touch controls at the same time.

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Re: Running multiple iC pros?

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Re: Running multiple iC pros?

Post by axemanchris »

So is this possible.... ?

I know I could have my own personal ipad set up with my purchased IC PRO app and hand it to each individual performer one at a time and help them dial in their own cue mix. I still like that functionality.

But is it possible for each performer, if they brought their OWN iDevice, to set up their own cue mix without each of them having to shell out $16.99 CDN for the app? If I had a four-piece band come to record and each person had to buy their own IC PRO app to dial in a headphone mix, that would be almost $70.

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Re: Running multiple iC pros?

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You can't share apps across Apple IDs unless you have them setup in a family share. That's not a Steinberg limit, that's an Apple limit.
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