Cubase iC Pro Android to Apple

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Cubase iC Pro Android to Apple

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I have, on one of my eLicenser USBs, Cubase iC Pro Remote Extension / Steinberg_SKI_Remote_Installer_win.exe For Android only, which no longer works and cost £12.29 on 26/4/2014, so I now wish to change to and use the Apple version, which costs $16.99: is there any refund process in place or conversion-swap in place?
Cubase Pro9.5.41, Wavelab Pro9.5.30, VEP6, Waves, Plugin Alliance, HOFA, DDMF, Audio Vitamins and many more, using Steinberg MR816CSX on Win7SP1-64Bit, Intel i7-3930K, ASUS-P9X79PRO, 64GB-DDR3, ASUS Strix GeForce GTX 970...

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