Retrologue humming sound help?

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Retrologue humming sound help?

Post by alienkd »

I recently found that whenever I press E5 together with G5 (E5+G5), a very weird humming sound would appear. However if I only press E5 or G5 alone no such sound happens.
I also tried E5+G5 on my hardware synth (Korg Minilogue), the same phenomenon appears! I wonder if anyone has seen that before? Is there a way to fix it?
1. I'm using Cubase 8.5 Artist.
2. I put E5+G5 into the key editor, but the strange humming sound still appears, which sounds very uncomfortable and irritating.

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Re: Retrologue humming sound help?

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a minor third? :idea: :mrgreen:
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