Padshop 2 not working in Logic

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Padshop 2 not working in Logic

Post by t0mkat »

I recently bought Padshop 2 and have been unable to use it in Logic. It doesn't appear in the instrument list and when I open plug-in manager it says Padshop "failed validation". When I try to rescan it, it causes Logic to freeze and I have to force quit it. I'm not sure if this is a Steinberg problem or a Logic problem but can does anyone know how to resolve this? It's frustrating as I paid £110 for this plugin and so far that has been for nothing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom

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Re: Padshop 2 not working in Logic

Post by Gerrit Junge »

OS version?
Logic version?
Padshop 2 version?
Do you use the "soft elicenser" on HD or do you have/use the USB-eLicenser (Steinberg Key)?

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Re: Padshop 2 not working in Logic

Post by Hod »

Tom, I have a similar issue with Padshop 2 and an open ticket awaiting a meaningful reply from Steinberg. My LPX works fine, and the plugin manager "sees" Padshop, but it is not visible as a drop down instrument to use. I use the USB e-licenser. Hope you get sorted. Hod (Aberdeenshire)

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