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Padshop Pro updated - v1.2.10

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:24 am
by firepile
Finally it is usable on a 4K screen.

* New feature AAX support allows to run Padshop in Pro Tools.
* New feature High DPI mode can be deactivated on Windows systems for hosts having
issues with high-resolution monitors or mixed multi-monitor setups.
* New feature The graphical user interface received a facelift in different areas.
* New feature We added Previous/Next switches in the program slot.
* New feature Polyphonic Key Mode allows to start and end one and the same note
multiple times independently. If activated, ending one of the notes will not
end the others.
* HALLY-7494 Improved envelope parameter adjustment via mousewheel. ... dshop.html