USB Driver V2.0.3 install interrupted

This section is about Steinberg's UR and UR-RT USB audio interfaces product range
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USB Driver V2.0.3 install interrupted

Post by luishadmag »

I'm trying to update my drivers from V1.9.6 (which came on my TOOLS for UR22mkII CD) to the latest version to try to fix some crackling issues I've been dealing with for a while. When I try do install them I get the message attached.

I'm in Windows 10.

What can I do?

I couldn't find V2.0.2 for Windows either. I guess that would be better than my current 2015 version.

(I'm sorry if I have already posted it. I really have to fix this thing and I haven't seen my post on the forum yet.)
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Re: USB Driver V2.0.3 install interrupted

Post by rschmid »

I suggest uninstalling the existing ASIO driver and dspMIX software using Windows program change/uninstall. You should then be able to install the latest versions that you downloaded from
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