pc interference noise from speakers when connected to UR22MK2

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pc interference noise from speakers when connected to UR22MK2

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:?: Hi I’m getting interference noise in my speakers when pc is turned on and connected to UR22MK2 only. If I disconnect the USB cable then the noise goes away. This never happened before until i updated the drivers to USB driver 2.03, if I go onto pc device properties the driver version reads 10.0.18362.1. Would be appreciate any help. If there is the last 2 driver versions I can roll back to I could try that but not sure where to get them form. I did try changing the ur22 USB cable to ones with ferrite choke but still the problem is there. I have attached my system diagram, I don’t think is ground loop hum but some form of rf interference even if Ii use choke USB cable, again this still happens when connected to URM22 to pc
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