New TOOLS for UR/UR-RT audio interfaces for Windows

This section is about Steinberg's UR and UR-RT USB audio interfaces product range
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New TOOLS for UR/UR-RT audio interfaces for Windows

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We are pleased to announce that there are new TOOLS versions available for Windows for our UR and UR-RT audio interfaces.

Please find the updates on the following pages.

TOOLS for UR242 version 1.1.1

TOOLS for UR44 version 2.2.1

TOOLS for UR28M version 2.2.1

TOOLS for UR824 version 2.2.1

TOOLS for UR-RT2 version 1.1.1

TOOLS for UR-RT4 version 1.1.1

The updates include the latest Yamaha Steinberg USB driver and address the issue described here: ... k-properly
For detailed information, we ask you to refer to the corresponding release notes on the download page.
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