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Post by Citya007 »

hello,can someone upload the Embracer_Monologue6.5.1_64bit.zip?
try all the dll files from past cubase/nuendo and its doesnt work :(/miss those vsts and tonic to!!!
steinberg yopu must re-release them!


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Re: Embracer_Monologue6.5.1_64bit

Post by Promedia »

Hi Citya007,

Totally agree, there are some extremely usable lead / pad sounds on Embracer / Monologue. I've seem a number of threads on this topic (mostly OSX users), but they just seem to fizzle out due to lack of interest / support from Steinberg.

I recently bought Vintage Classics and Sounds of Soul for Retrologue 2, hoping the sounds might have been emulated there but it was not to be; I understand there's no money in adding backwards compatibility, but there does seem to be a genuine desire for these products.

From a technical standpoint how hard / expensive can it be, is this a costly process?

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Re: Embracer_Monologue6.5.1_64bit

Post by Psyberpunk »

totally agree !!!!
make me hangry to loose hours of job to redo all the mix of past projects ...... because they take out vst plug in that i PAYED for !!!!!!

until they don't promize they will change their politic i will apply this good advertize of a Steinberg user of this forum :
never use steinberg's plugin cause they come and disappear


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Re: Embracer_Monologue6.5.1_64bit

Post by delphin2424 »

i saw "stranger things" soundtrack made entirely with retrologue 2 in a breakdown tutorial on youtube... :)

i love that synth... well...i feel the lack of more wavetables but sometimes less...is more :)))))
personally i use preset as "an example" to lead my creativity and never as the final result...otherwise...our music would be all the same :)

cheers :)

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