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Absolute 2

Post by Watts »

Guys, please help... Im a bit confused. I purchase Cubase at Xmas, downloaded the software E licence and everything was cool. last night I purchased Absolute 2, spent an age downloading and received the activation code via my email.
launched the E-license software, enter the activation code and nothing happens expect it does show the Absolute 2. I click continue and the only license I see if my cubase license. Nothing else is activated.

feelings a bit *quiz* after £369 and long downloads and installs and still have nothing. I sent a support email to our friends at Steinberg this afternoon... still waiting for a reply... zzzz

any pointers to what I am doing wrong ?


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Re: Absolute 2

Post by mroekalea »

Update your elicenser software and do maintenance tasks so the database gets all updates (including new products)

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Re: Absolute 2

Post by Svengali »

Which cubase version do you have? Do you have an usb licenser? Because Absolute 2 needs one.

- Press the maintenance button in your e license control software.
- Check for updates.
- Try to activate your absolute 2 again, maybe your internet connection was down last night.
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