The future of HSO

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Rudie Vissenberg
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The future of HSO

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I am an avid use of HSO. A friend is thinking of switching to Cubase and wants to use HSO as well. I have noticed that HSO is not sold anymore. It is now part of Cubase but not with the 24-bit samples. Considering the difference in quality between the 16 and 24 bit samples, this will not convince him to switch.
I would like ask Cubase what their plans are with HSO. Will there be a new version soon, if so, please more expression map possibilities. Not all Cubase users are into dance or hiphop and I feel that we are left out in the cold with the last updates.
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Re: The future of HSO

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I completely agree. It seems that Steinberg has very strange sense of priorities in putting so much effort into such promising product as HSO but just going half the way. and yes THERE IS MORE TO MUSIC THAN DANCE AND HIPHOP whether Steinberg is aware of it or not.

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