Nuendo 4 and X-Touch Compact from Behringer

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Nuendo 4 and X-Touch Compact from Behringer

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Hello gentlemen,

I just bought the X-Touch Compact from Behringer and by following their lead I was trying to use it via Mackie Control protocol and I have been running into trouble because the control surface doesn't toggle some of the commands it does in their demo with Logic...

I spent many hours trying to learn how to use it in MIDI mode and edit a Generic Remote template for it, but no luck because the some commands would be too complex for me - like toggling one button that changes the behavior of opening VST's and so.

My last attempt was to switch Mackie Protocol to Compatibility mode, but I can't find that on Nuendo 4...

So, before I give up on this one and return it to Musicstore, I remember, when I bought my beloved M-Audio Keystation 88 Pro, at the time it came with a XML file for the generic remote.

Is there any chance of getting such a thing for this unit? Or finding a place where I can learn how to edit the Generic Remote properly?

I did make it up to 3 banks of faders, panning, solo, mute, rec, master fader. Than I got seriously stuck when I inserted MIDI tracks and I couldn't find a way to send separate CC's to MIDI tracks and Audio IN tracks on the mixer....

Please help...


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