Yamaha Compressor 276: Terrible Distortion

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Yamaha Compressor 276: Terrible Distortion

Post by C9sus4 »

Hi to all.

Anyone using Yamaha's Compressor 276 and/or Yamaha's Channel Strip? Compressor 276 gives terrible distortions when attack is at minimum. Especially audible on electric piano, such as Neo Soul Keys. I think it's a bug. Exactly the same pertains to AXR4's Channel Strip's Compressor. I doubt it should be like this.

No other Steinberg compressor acts the same disastrous way.

Fancy doing a test? Neo Soul Keys (or some other mild Rhodes) preset and Comp 276 on Insert. A simple major chord. Crank the thing to heavy compression and set attack to minimum. See what happens. Outrageous.
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Re: Yamaha Compressor 276: Terrible Distortion

Post by lovegames »

might want to post this in Cubase issues thread, get seen more there.

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